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As a compounding facility, we create custom-tailored solutions for the specific needs of patients and physicians.


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Learn how compounding can be used to solve many medical problems.


Popular compounded products in use by dentists and dental hygienists.


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Steven’s Compounding
Pharmacy Center.

Your source for all your compounding pharmacy needs, offering both conventional and alternative medicine. We offer a number of onsite testings and screenings, including immunization.

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Compounding pharmacists.

Our specially trained compounding pharmacists are able to solve medical, dental, or veterinary problems with customized medication solutions.

What is a prescription?

A medical prescription is an order (usually in written form) by a qualified health care professional to a pharmacist for a medicine to be provided to their patient.

What is a compound?

Compounded medicines (called “compounds”) are custom-formulated to provide an alternative when commercially prepared medicines do not address your specific needs.

What is the difference between a regular pharmacy and a compounding pharmacy?

Regular pharmacies only offer medications already mass-produced on the market. Compounding pharmacies like Stevens’s specialize in making custom-tailored drugs, in addition to offering the same non-compounded and over-the-counter drugs that patients can obtain from regular pharmacies.

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