Care Givers and Family Members

For caregivers and family members of patients in Assisted Living Facilities
We require the following information to setup an account for your family member at a Assisted Living Facility (ALF):

  1. Signed Senior Account Form
  2. Copy of all insurance. Please make sure insurance includes the following:
    1. BIN #
    2. ID #
    3. PCN #
    4. GROUP #
Senior Structured Medicine Delivery System Info Sheet

Senior Care Program Specialized services for senior board and care facilities

We welcome your transferred prescriptions!

  • Documentation and record-keeping resources to assist you in oversight and monitoring of medications
  • Bubble pack dispensing
  • Unit dose packaging
  • Accept and handle the paperwork for all major insurance including Secure Horizons and Medicare
  • Daily deliveries throughout Orange County
  • Consultation and education provided to your patients and staff
  • 24 hours per day availability to answer questions
  • Billing options to patients, their families and care facilities
  • On-site specialized screening and tests. Glucose test, HbAlc Glycosylated Hemoglobin test – to test blood sugar for individuals diagnosed with or at risk for diabetes, Lipid panels – for LDL/HDL and Triglycerides.
  • Total cholesterol
  • Immunizations
  • Physician orders and medication admission records
  • Centrally stored sheets

Unit Dose Packaging Minimize confusion & keep track of doses

inline-unit_doseUnit Dose Packaging makes it easy for patients and caregivers to manage drug regimens in order to prevent missing doses or overdosing. We seal your medication into numerically organized bubble packs (the punch-out bubbles are labeled #1-31 on the back, corresponding with the days of the month) so you can keep track of exactly what medication you need to take on any given day, and each pack is labeled with the time you should take it. If you need to take one medication twice a day, you will get two separate packs, each appropriately labeled with the hour you should consume them.

For multiple medications, the pharmacy can dispense multiple AM/PM/bedtime packs or combine up to 3 kinds of medication per bubble for different time intervals.

Welcome to Steven's Compounding Pharmacy

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