Children, seniors, women, men, impaired individuals, disabled individuals, individuals with allergies and content sensitivity, athletes, workers, and individuals who are suffering from chronic and life altering diseases. These include:

Patients who need:

  • Specialized dosing due to age-related issues, Pediatric and Geriatric.

Patients who have:

  • Multiple health care issues that impact a drug’s absorption or elimination.
  • Allergic reactions to inert ingredients such as binders or dyes in commercially available products.
  • Difficulty in absorbing the medication via the traditional delivery process of a commercially available product, i.e. can’t swallow or are sensitive to topically applied products.

Hospital patients who need lifesaving intravenous medications… AND.. Veterinary patients that range in size from a parakeet to an elephant and everything in between are just a few of the patients who are dependent upon personalized medication solutions.